$BLO Tokenomics


The Blockora platform is built atop it's native ERC20 token, $BLO. With $BLO powering much of the platforms features, and being intrinsic to the running of the overall protocol, we thought it best to keep the tokenomics and allocation as simple as possible.

There is no fee to transfer tokens between wallets, currently a 5% fee is taken on both buy and sell transactions of the token. We'll be re-evaluating these fees in the future to bring them down to 0/0 as we rely on the ecosystem to sustain itself.

There is a maximum wallet holding limit of 2000 tokens.


When we started building Blockora we thought alot about the tokenomics and our allocation, how we would support the ecosystem, the team and still be able to offer attractive packages to early adopters and ambassadors - to that end we've settled on the below distribution, with vesting schedules that align with the volatile temperament of the market we're currently in.

Liquidity Provision

  • 80% of $BLO was added with 1 $WETH to Uniswap.

Early Ambassadors

  • 4% of $BLO is designated to early ambassadors, vested on a 6 week cliff.

Engagement Airdrop Program

  • 4% of $BLO is designated to the Airdrop Program to reward early adopters and drive engagement of the platform. Locked for 3 weeks, any overflow amount will be added to liquidity.

Marketing and Maintenance

  • 5% of $BLO supply will be delivered to the marketing team for marketing and maintenance based on a 12 week vest. Received allocations stored in a multisig gnosis safe.

Ecosystem Initiatives

  • 2% of $BLO is assigned to team-lead ecosystem initiatives and is stored in a multisig gnosis safe.

Team Supply

  • 5% of $BLO is designated to the team and will vest over a 12 week period, releasing into a multisig gnosis safe with an additional 2 key signees.

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