Introduction to Blockora communities.

What are Communities?

Communities in Blockora are like digital neighborhoods users can join to discuss, manage, and govern their decentralized ERC404, ERC20, or ERC721 DAOs. Think of them as online clubs or forums but with added superpowers powered by blockchain technology.


What can I do in a Community?

Communities provide a safe and secure environment for projects to build a DAO from their existing token contracts, and engage with their community members in a straightforward way.

  • Create and customise new community pages

  • Update information, profile details and post updates

  • Community comments, posts, reactions and engagement

  • Create, manage and vote on proposals

  • Earn $BLO and other ERC20 tokens for engaging and interacting

  • More being shipped every day


Proposals play an essential role in creating decentralized organisations, allowing investors and communities members to govern the direction of a protocol as an autonomous unit of shareholders, the way businesses were meant to be ran, the way ownership was supposed to work.

Community Founders (and soon Community Team members) can create official proposals under their communities, and community members can vote directly with a signature and their voting weight is calculated by their holdings of the projects own token.

For example, you would vote on #shibaInu proposals with your $SHIB balance. No tokens are transferred with the signature transaction.


Which token standards are compatible?

We currently support two core token standards (ERC20, ERC721) and one experimental token standard (ERC404), with the addition of ERC1151 and ERC777 planned over the next quarter.

Can communities be verified?

Communities can earn the Verified badge by verifying ownership of their token's (or collection's) deployer. There are currently only two ways to do this, manual verification and automated verification.

  • Manual Verification - Free. Contact the DAO404 team to manually verify your deployer address by sending an empty transaction to a specified wallet.

  • Automated Verification - Free. Sign an empty transaction with the deployer address through the "Verify Community" button.

Can community pages be customised or upgraded?

Community pages can be customised and/or upgraded in two different ways, the first way is for Community Founders to customise the look and style of the community page by subscribing to BlockoraPass (for 100 $BLO per month), which also boosts the communities visibility in search and display results.

The second way is for members of Communities to Boost their communities pages using the projects own token, to unlock different perks at different levels for the community as a whole, along with new theme and style options for the Community Founder and Community Team members.

We're still working on the contribution pools and rewards system, check out the information on the relevant pages, and in our own Community.

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