Introduction to Proposals on the Blockora platform.

What are proposals?

Proposals on the Blockora platform are a way for Founders and teams to engage with their communities on an autonomous and decentralised level, allowing stakeholders to vote on protocol decisions in a secure environment with voting weight proportionate to their total holding amounts of the projects own token.

How are votes calculated?

Strangely, there are several different ways to democratically count votes, those methods become increasingly more dynamic if you weigh wealth differently - take a look at the election system in the USA for example, as wild as it seems, it has to work this way not only due to populations, but several other factors that contribute to a specific states voting power.

It's simply naive to believe that an individual states voting power isn't affected by it's revenue for example. States with higher tax contributions have more congressional districts, and thus more electoral vote power. Rant over, let's move on.

For now we're simplifying that process down to a single voting mechanism that we'll look to expand on in the future to give Community Founders a more varied option, perhaps quadratic voting. So for now, votes are calculated based on a users holdings proportionate to the total circulating supply.

What voting options do proposals have?

Currently proposals have a streamlined voting mechanism, allowing users to cast a gasless vote with a single signature to verify their balances. In the future, we'll look to add percentage based vote submission but i the platforms current state we allow for:

  • Yes

  • No

  • Abstain

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