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Blockora: Decentralise your community.

Blockora is an innovative DAO building protocol powered by Ethereum, built to advance the adoption of projects and crypto-native organisations by providing communities and traders a secure platform for governance, engagement and interaction.


Blockora enables any (erc20, erc721, erc404) community to create and manage a DAO based on the very core ideologies of decentralisation. Including proposals with governance and voting managed in the communities native token, with both community engagement features and developer-forward features.

The official $BLO Etherscan profile can be found here. To buy the $BLO token you can use the official Uniswap DEX. CA: 0xa615E41edf57EEFD6e02d43427f60db1c02f8Ef1

Powered By $BLO

Central to the Blockora platform is the $BLO token, which users and project owners require to taken full advantage of the platforms features, from customising user profiles with limited edition themes and badges to stand out, to unlocking project page widgets, drag and drop customisation and branding-free pages.

User Customisation

  • Enhanced User Profiles Users can use $BLO to customise their profile pages theme and colors with an easy-to-use interface reminiscent of "point stores" on the forums of old.

  • Exclusive Widgets $BLO gives users access to exclusive profile widgets like community spotlights, verified social profiles, status update posting and more.

  • Increased Visibility $BLO can be spent on the fly to upgrade a users visibility across the platform, including a bold and colored username, custom banners, a custom profile picture border color and an exclusive "pro" badge - all visible everywhere the users name or profile image can be seen.

  • Exclusive Badges & Achievements Holding $BLO gives users access to exclusive badges and achievements based on thjeir holding amount and time holding.

  • Reduced Limits Users holding $BLO can upload larger profile images and larger cover images, up from 2mb to 8mb.

Project Customisation

  • Enhanced Community Pages Projects pay in $BLO to enhance their community pages, enabling basic customisation options giving communities control over the colors, theme and page layout.

  • Boosts & Unlockable Widgets $BLO gives projects access to a range of widgets for their community pages, from most active followers to live charts and 0x-enabled swap widgets - all unlockable by any user just by Boosting a community page.

  • Increased Visibility Projects can use $BLO to increase their visibility across the platform through the trending section (platform-wide), and with a highlighted presence on the Discover page. Projects are also able to highlight proposals on a platform-wide basis with $BLO.

  • Extensive Customisation Blockora enables projects to create pages with complete customisation using our drag and drop builder and page customisation tools available to BlockPass holders.

  • Branding-Free & Custom Domains $BLO can be used to remove branding and attach custom domains (either buy registering a new one, with $BLO, or using an existing domain).

Platform Revenue Sources

  • BlockPass BlockPass is the premium subscription tier for projects to lift their limits (more threads, more proposals) and access our suite of customisation tools and styling options, giving them full control of thjeir community spaces.

Core Features

Transform your crypto token into a dynamic, fully-featured Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) effortlessly with our cutting-edge platform. Dive into the future of digital governance, where your community not only thrives but leads the charge in making pivotal decisions through a seamless, integrated governance system.

  • Create an account with nothing but your wallet. Our platform simplifies the sign-up process by allowing users to create an account using only their Web3 wallet. This approach not only enhances security by eliminating traditional passwords but also streamlines user onboarding, ensuring a frictionless entry into the ecosystem for all users, regardless of their technical background.

  • Create and join communities. Projects can effortlessly create and set up their communities with their own token contract addresses. Blockora Community Pages enable users to vote on proposals, engage, share insights, and collaborate on new project initiatives within a secure and decentralized environment.

  • Create and vote on proposals. Empower your community with a voice by creating and voting on proposals using the community's native token. This democratic feature ensures that all significant decisions, from governance changes to fund allocations, are made collectively and transparently, reflecting the true will of the community.

  • Engagement based reward system. To encourage active participation and reward valuable contributions, our platform introduces an engagement-based reward system. Users earn points for activities such as posting, commenting, and voting, at the end of the week the top users across the platform receive a share of all of the tokens in the pool, enhancing user engagement whilst passively growing token holders.

  • Upgrade and unlock community page features. Communities can unlock advanced features and customisation options for their pages through Boosts. (Anybody can Boost a community page using that communities own token). This includes enhanced templates, branding options, custom domain names, and exclusive content sections, allowing communities to tailor their spaces to their unique identity and needs.

  • Coming Soon: Member tiers and exclusive access based on token holdings. We are developing a tiered membership system where users gain access to exclusive content, voting rights, and special privileges based on their token holdings. This feature aims to incentivise token holding and active participation, creating a more engaged and invested community.

  • Coming Soon: Enhanced User Profiles. Our forthcoming update will introduce enhanced user profiles, offering more customization options, user achievement badges, showcase token holdings or NFTs, and the communities they follow. This feature will allow users to customise their avatars, cover images, colours and more, along with a new public profile page.

  • Coming Soon: Enhanced Community Pages. In the near future, community pages will receive a significant upgrade, providing administrators with more tools and options to customize their community's look and feel with a drag and drop page builder, manage content more effectively with AI powered tools. This enhancement aims to create a more immersive experience for community spaces.

The New Way To Reward Communities

Boost with Your Token: Empower your community by boosting your page using your project's token. Unleash exclusive features like real-time chart widgets, customisable high-res cover images, and unique widgets that reflect your community's spirit.

Earn Rewards Together: Boosting contributes to a global rewards pot. Participate platform-wideโ€”via daily activities, voting, and commentingโ€”to earn a share of the pot in various tokens. It's all about rewarding your engagement and contribution.

Benefits for Everyone: This innovative feature boosts exposure and holder growth for projects, while rewarding community members. Enjoy a platform alive with activity, where every action adds value.

Why Join Us? We're more than a platform; we're a community revolution. Grow your project and earn rewards in an ecosystem that values your participation. With us, engagement translates into real value.

Ready to transform your crypto project into a thriving community? Let's make it happen, together.

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